You were afraid of the dark for good reason

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Spooky Forest
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Gravel Road into the Forest
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A Message from David Kummer

This is my blog dedicated to the scarier side of things. My name is David Kummer, and I write in multiple genres. Here at DK Horror, however, all you find is the terrifying tales. From the dark streets of My Abigail to the haunted hospitals of As Trees Turned Away, expect to be frightened, expect to look over your shoulder, and expect to leave the lights on. You were afraid of the dark for good reason.

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May 26, 2018

A stand-alone novel, set in the dark town of Werifesteria. Cyrus Streett has a secret, something he left there in his hometown. Unless he can remember, they all will burn.

Prepare for a twist you can't see coming, and a darkness you've never known. Follow me, and be enlightened.


Christopher Paolini

Without fear, there cannot be courage


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Werifesteria town sign finished.jpg